Proclaiming in different places

Some of us started our apostolic year from April 13th and others one or two weeks later depending on their visas. One after the other we started to go to other places which was difficult because we love each other and we didn’t like to separate from each other. It is very sad after a whole year together and now we have to leave the others. It is really difficult to live but we have to go to different experiences to be more open and learn new things about cultures and places, hear different languages, eat different food…! Now we have to separate in order to give ourselves and proclaim what we have learned through Canonical year. Our experiences will take place in Egypt for Alejandra, in Tunisia for Clara and Rozeni, in Ecce Homo for Joey and in Ein Karem for Arlyne and me. I am helping some children teaching them Arabic and doing some handicrafts with them. For me just to be among children is great. Many things happened in the first week of our apostolic year. Sr. Juliana went to Egypt for a week. Joey went to Ecce Homo and told us that she is waking up at 6 to prepare breakfast for the guests in the house. I started in the school and have to get up at 5 A.M. Rozeni was with the babies of the Kahila group (the Hebrew speaking community) in the morning just for two weeks because she is going to Tunisia. She said it was good and there were many babies coming. Arlyne started with the children of the Kahila group. Clara and Alejandra went to Egypt and they said that they feel at home.

written by Victoria