Poverty and Reconciliation

Three weeks ago we started reflecting about vows. We begin with poverty. Juliana gave us some questions to reflect and answers. We did some research in the internet and in the Scripture to deepen our understanding of poverty. The world define poverty as deprivation humanity’s basic needs (World Bank). According to Pope Francis poverty in our world is a scandal–many families are living below poverty line–. The poor people are indeed crying for help and freedom from poverty. In Scripture we found various passages that describe God as the one who hears the cry of the poor. In this light we reflected how we understand and live out the vow of poverty as sisters of Sion. Fr. Theodore define poverty as entire renunciation of self to God and all spirit of ownership (book 4:149); it is an interior virtue which consists of awareness of our indigence and nothingness for everything belongs to God alone (book 4;258-260). In one way or another we all experience what is to be poor like Jesus. The challenge of living out poverty daily lies on our capacity to discern responsibly between needs and wants, sharing our resources generously and to be with the poor.

Last Tuesday we had an opportunity to listened to the sharing between Jewish-Palestinian who lost their daughters because of the existing conflict between these two nations. We listened to their stories of anger and pain when their daughter was murdered. They also shared how he became peace advocates. For them respect and encountering the other as fellow human being with dignity will make peace on all levels. And when there is respect between the other the process of reconciliation will be possible between Israel and Palestine.

written by Arlyne