Origins of Sion

Since June 14th until July 21th we had a study time with Sister Elizabeth Losinski, a sister of Sion from the CANADA/US Region. We had daily sessions in the morning and afternoon about the spiritualties of Theodore and Alphonse , Sion’s Charism and the Rhineland Mystics who had a great influence on the life of Louise Humann (the spiritual mother of Father Theodore).
Besides these sessions we had time to read and share the immersion reports of our General Chapter of 2016 and relate them with what we had studied.
This experience facilitated us to have a better understanding of the Congregation and help us to embrace out roots since we had time to pray and reflect on these themes.
At the end of the sessions we prepared a project. Each one of us had a different topic. Andrea reflected on Prayer Life, Lúcia on Spirituality, María on the Apostolic life and Nancy on our Charism. Then we shared these reflections with our community.
On Wednesday , July 20th our Communities from Jerusalem and Ein Karem had a dinner to thank Elizabeth for her time with us. In the gathering Sister Juliana, Sister Maureen and Sister Marie Luc (Contemplative Sister) shared with us some of their experiences of the General Chapter.
We thank the Lord and the Congregation and especially to Sister Elizabeth for this time of learning.
“God’s works usually start insignificantly, imperceptibly and unrecognized. At their beginning, the works of God are tiny seeds which have germinated for a long time underground before raising their branches, laden with flowers and fruit, to the sun”.
(Memoirs. P.104-105) Theodore Ratisbonne

Nancy Mena Fernández NDS, Novice
Congregational Novitiate Ein Karem, Jerusalem