Maria’s Birthday 2016

How good, how delightful it is to live as brothers all together! Ps 133,1

On Saturday 25th we celebrated Maria’s birthday. The life is a gift to share and enjoy with others. We began our celebration having breakfast together. Then, as we usually do on Saturdays, we had a desert reflection morning.

Then in the evening we continued celebrating Maria’s birthday. We prayed with a very meaningful prayer based on the text of Gn 1 “the creation”. After this, each one lighted a candle to wish something special to Maria. We finished the prayer singing a song in her language, Bahasa Indonesia. The lyric of the song also talked about the creation. After the prayer we ate a lovely dinner.

On Sunday 26th in the evening, we went to Jerusalem to eat Thai food since it was Maria’s wish. All of us enjoyed Asian Food so we had a good time together. Then we enjoyed a delicious ice cream.

Finally, we went to the mass in the Kehillah. (Hebrew catholic community) as a way of giving thanks to the Lord for giving us the opportunity to have Maria among us.

Father Theodore used to appreciate simple things in his life. He suggested it to the sisters. Today for Maria’s birthday our dear father would have said to her:

“To know whether a women is good, you must be sure that she likes music, flowers, birds, and little children” Book 4, pag. 49 Theodore Ratisbonne.

Nancy Mena Fernández NDS, Novice
Congregational Novitiate Ein Karem, Jerusalem