Making a Necklace

This week we were studying and learning how to make a Necklace with Sister Anne Katrine.

Making a “necklace” reveal us the divine of the whole Scripture (Torah, Prophets and Holy Writings). We have been studying the Jewish feasts, especially the three feast of pilgrimage. In the beginning this feast was an agricultural and historical celebration, when God took out the people of Israel from Egypt; after 50 days God gave them the Torah. Doing the necklace have helped us to go deeply through the words of the Torah, passing from the Torah to the Prophets and from the prophets to the Writings. For us it was like we were playing with the Bible to be aware how much we know the Old and the New Testament. To know what is the thread of the necklace is to learn how to pierce correctly the pearls (text from the Bible), it is not easy to know to assemble each pearls but we are getting on.
When we were making a necklace for Rosha ha Shana, we discovered in every feast they celebrated three thing: first, “God is Creator” and God remembered Noah and every living thing, (Gn. 8,1;).Second, “God is King” As is written in the Torah, The Lord shall be reign for ever and ever (Ex 15,18). Third, “God will Judge” the Shofar sounded thou deeds shine forth upon them, as it written in thy Torah, (Ex 19, 16) it is very interesting for us to know how the Jewish people live and celebrate this especial event.

written by Alejandra