Jesus took the boat to the other side

Walking the same way Jesus was walking was a wonder where I could renew my faith and my desire to follow him . In every place I could imagine Jesus talking to people and how his words reached the hearts of  people who are hungry for an answer to their sufferings and their hopes. The messiah led me everywhere. So I found that,  Jesus is the one who  makes me strong. The walking to Kursi and the Mount of Beatitudes were the places that made me contemplate how Jesus spoke of love and miracles and I also realized I could meditate how he was persecuted because of his love for God and his kingdom. The ones who heard, were enchanted with that love. For me it was the first time to make a pilgrimage in the Land where Jesus walked. A dream that became touchable, the story of Jesus in walking. I saw the places where Jesus walked, preached the Kingdom of God. The places where this happend are far from from each other but Jesus had a goal, a determination. For me it was a great gift of God and the congregation to me who gave me this opportunity to be here on Holy Ground.

written by Rozeni