January 20th 2016

On January 20th the vows of 6 novices were celebrated here in Jerusalem, Ein Karem, with a beautiful celebration. The “Notre Dame de Sion” community began to celebrate this very special date on the 19th with a lot of preparation, good emotions and joy. The next day, January 20th, the emotions and happiness increased more, especially for the six novices: Alejandra, Clara, Rozeni, Joey, Victoria and Arlyne.

At 10:30 am, we began the Mass with the song “Come Daughter of Sion” accompanied by a warm welcome directed by Sr. Maureen. The Eucharist was presided by Fr. Carlos NDS. We had the privilege to hear the reflection by Sr. Darlene after the Gospel. She said:

“Today we remember 2 visits of Mary. Gospel – One visit was here in this place of Ein Karem: the young Mary was coming with her total YES. The other visit of Mary was in Rome to Alphonse, this visit would change his life completely. What do these 2 visits have to do with you, 6 novices? ‘Today the 6 of you, Alejandra, Arlyne, Clara, Joey, Rozeni and Victoria, will make your first vows. Your commitment today is the result of an experience of God´s presence and mercy in your lives.’ Each of us must return also to the ‘January 20th’ of our lives, ‘Galilee’ moment, ‘the origin of our journey with Jesus’ to experience again the depth of God´s love and mercy.”

After that, it was the most special moment for all, to listen to the ritual of the vows. It was a precious moment for each of the novices and also for us. Sr. Oonah, and Sr. Marge were here to receive the vows and to receive the new young sisters.

For us, Andrea, Lúcia and Nancy the new Postulants, it what was the most important moment and gave us a lot of hope and increased our love for the Congregation when each of them pronounced the Formula of the vows in their own language. It was a very deep feeling and emotion that came from our hearts. The other moment was the sending of each young sister to their new community, their new mission. It was exciting and hopeful to see each one, after two years of novitiate to be sent on mission as Sion’s sister, being sent to be witnesses of God’s love.

After Mass we had a delicious lunch. Celebrating with us were the apostolic and contemplative sisters, brothers of Sion, and also friends of Sion. It was a wonderful experience for us, Andrea, Lúcia and Nancy to celebrate this special day here on earth which Fr. Alphonse loved so much.

Lucia de Fatima, Postulant NDS