Holy Week

Faith is more than having strong convictions; we can have convictions but not necessarily faith.

We are committed to peace that we are able to see and the resurrection is not a matter of an equation or a scientific experiment that we can prove. It is not simply convincing ourselves about something.

When we say Christ is risen and we repeat it over and over again, it is not just to convince ourselves, it is to commit ourselves to God, and to commit ourselves to God means changing our life. The resurrection changes my life today, he saw and he believed.

So to believe in the resurrection is more than just so say we believe some of this and will come back to life again. It is entering into a new kind of life, something totally different something totally new which is the life of God himself.
Why is that so important? We know the resurrection of Jesus is radically new, radically different because now life is more powerful than death. Now life is indestructible, life has been renewed forever.

Through the resurrection humanity is completely renewed.

Extract of the homily of father Patrice at the mass at Ecco Homo.
Written by María Clara.