Guatemala presents

Sunday Mass at the Syrian catholic church

Sunday Mass at the Syrian catholic church

We give thanks to God for the wonderful experienced that He showered upon us! Last sunday we attended Syrian mass in Jerusalem. We witnessed how they celebrate their mass and we were able to know that the order of their mass is quite different from us. We are greatful for their warmth welcome to each one of us.

boxesFirst day of the month giving hands to others

We experienced priceless happiness despite of tiredness in helping U.N personnels and volunteers of packing goods for their relief mission to Gaza. Early in the morning last monday September 1,2014 we were all equipped and vehemently prepared for all the works. When we arrived at the venue, we proceeded to the big warehouse where we can start working. Indeed, it was a challenging work because we need to keep on moving and to be fast in passing the cartoons to one another. We were thankful that we were able to give our help to them even in our own little ways.


We had a lovely evening yesterday for our entry to sunday. We were all energitic to do our each designated task. We had prayer outside in our garden and dinner followed. We had a great night, we were singing with the different languages and playing guitar.We Full of gratitude to our dear sisters and brothers for making our every entry to sunday joyful and meaningful.

and our two siters from Guatemala presented their county and the Mission of the Sisters of Sion in  Latain Amerika to us during our  cultural eveing.

written by Novice Joey