Goodbye 2015 – welcome 2016

Emmanuel, strong God, King of Glory, of justice, prince of peace, Word, Love, Light, Life, way, Truth, Son of God, Son of man. Book 1: 71

We had a great week because we were preparing ourselves for the new year. It’s our last time to be together here as novices in Jerusalem. We enjoyed it a lot and we had prayer and lighting our candle as the candle it is the symbol for ourselves in the new year 2016 to be light for others.

We ask God to have Faith in Him and Hope, Love, Mercy, Justice, Peace, Life, Truth, Kindness and Forgiveness for ourselves and others
Thanks giving for Sr. Juliana, Sr. Colette and Sr. Ivone
We had a celebration to thank Sr. Juliana, Sr. Colette and Sr. Ivone as they accompanied us during these two years of our Novitiate. They are good examples for all of us and we had learned a lot from them and they also learned from us because each one in this community is open, welcoming, …. Each one is special to God.
We had a good party with dreams about our life, It was very funny and we laughed a lot and we thanked God for everything that we learned and have been through.

written by Novice Victoria