Encounter with Jesus

In this canonical year we are called to know in a deeper way our Charism and Spiritually. For that reason we are reading, studying and reflecting our Constitutions, the Bible and some books of our Congregation. Every week we have sessions with Sister Juliana about the Constitutions and every day we are reading the Sion’s books and the Bible.

During this month we are receiving at Ecce Homo some lectures about the Bible with the purpose of continue discovering the Word of God. Father Lionel, who is a Franciscan Priest, is teaching us about it. His way of teaching encourages us to be aware about our relationship with the Word of God and how we can communicate it to the people who are around us.

This kind of lectures are very challenging and interesting for us because our Charism invited us to know more about the Word of God. For instance, last week we were sharing Constitutions number 6 that says, “Our vocation is characterized by the word of God which is central in our lives. Through His Word, God reveals His name and His will for the redemption of the world. The Spirit enables us to discover the link between the concrete events of life and this Word: events make the Scripture reveal the significance of events and human existence…”

For us in Sion the word of God is essential in our daily life and there are two important points that we do not want to forget.

The first one is how can we contemplate it? Father Theodore said we have to read and reflect on the Scripture; however, we can also contemplate the word of God through the creation and through the heart of the human being.

The second point that is important in Sion is living God’s revelation as he reveled himself to people. How was it? It was through his own Son “The Word became flesh, he lived among us…” Jn 1, 14. If we remember how the first Christian communities started we will see that all Jesus disciples had an intimated encounter with him. Therefore, they were able to follow him and become witnesses of the kingdom of God, a kingdom of justice, peace and love.

Although we know it is not easy to live this kingdom of God among all darkness that we are living nowadays, we want to give hope and light to people as our Constitutions inspired us “We are called to keep this Word in our hearts, to meditate on it, to study it, to share it, and to act on it” NDS Constitutions # 6

Nancy Mena Fernandez NDS, Novice
Congregational Novitiate Ein Karem, Jerusalem