Computer skills

After our walk in Galilee.

Thanks be to God because we all came back very well – nobody broke anything like a leg or an arm… etc. This week we were busy because we did our shopping and cleaning of our house and we received a visitor from Germany, who came to know what we doing this year. Then we had lessons with Liz (friend of Sr. Darlene) on Excel.

we received a French group: teachers working in Sion schools in France. They want to know what are we doing this year at this step called “Novitiate”. We shared with them our feeling and what we are doing here. One of their questions was: How did we know Sion??? Each one of us had a different story for how we knew Sion, because all of us know that God has different ways to know him through many people, situations, the things that attract each one of us. We are very happy to know Sisters of Sion and we find our hearts here. We had Entry into Sunday with all the sisters of Sion and the French group. The week has been full of life!

written by Victoria