Computer Sessions 2016

From September 26th to Tuesday October 4th Liz, a friend of Sister Darlene spent a few days with us. She is from the United States and working as an IT Consultant.

We had two sessions with her. One session was about the software Excel and the other one was a PowerPoint presentation on Social Media.

In the first session, we learned how to create a budget using Excel. For some of us it was not the first time using this software; however, we got new information on how to use some of the tools of this application.
The second session about Social Media reminded us of its importance nowadays. Liz focused her presentation on what Social Media means, the pros and cons of the usage of it and also the precautions people should take when they use it. We finished the session emphasizing the importance of being responsible with the use of Social Media. Besides, some people shared examples of how they can use Social Media to promote positive or negative situations for themselves and for others.

We closed the sessions giving Liz a small present and we thanked her for the time and knowledge that she shared with us.

Nancy Mena Fernández NDS, Novice
Congregational Novitiate Ein Karem, Jerusalem