Charity, the capital virtue of the Daughters of Sion

Coming a step closer to our Novitiate is reality during this coming week.

Victoria will be moving Wednesday afternoon from Ecce Homo to Ein Karem, the same night we will go to pick up Maria Clara and Aeljandra in Tel Aviv during early hours of Thursday morning. Rozeni is coming on the 7 of February during afternoon hours and Michele will arrive 31 of January.

This last day I have been preparing for the arrival of all our sisters. Victoria helped me with shopping to make our little apartment “Room Nm13” a welcoming space and also useful for our needs in this Orientation time. We are invited over the weekend the 14 to the 18 of February by Ecce Homo so we can visit Jerusalem with its holy places. The Contemplative sisters offered help in getting to know Ein Karem and its History. The brothers have been helpful in giving us space for prayer use, and the sisters in Ein Karem are mostly welcoming in helping and adjusting to our being in the house. The sisters all living around in Jerusalem are most concerned about us and all have the attitude to help, support and share their wealth with us.

Books from Celia and Cecelia arrived well and among the book was “Finding the Treasure” from Sandra Schneider. It may answers a question of mine, “what is religious life”

Is it giving space to God like prayer giving time to God?

We are waiting for the sister’s from the Philippines to arrive and pray for save arrival. Don’t forget to follow us on the Web site.

Charity the capital virtue of the daughters of Sion; maintain it at the cost of every sacrifice: May every one of you live for others and not for herself. (Basic thoughts of Father Theodore on Apostolic Community page 31)

In this first days in Ein Karem, Jerusalem among sisters and brothers of Sion I truly experiences Charity among us.

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