Celebrating Nancy’s birthday 2016

On 16 August, we celebrated the anniversary of Nancy’ birth. In the morning we had a Costa Rican breakfast together. So we had a delicious “frijoles molidos” eggs and coffee.

We blessed the Lord for Nancy’s life, her bravery and for her journey in the congregation. “I shall betroth you to myself forever, I shall betroth you in uprightness and justice, and faithful love and tenderness. Yes, I shall betroth you to myself in loyalty and in the knowledge of the Lord.“ (Hosea 2, 21-22)
In addition, we had delicious lunch and ice cream cake to continue celebrating her birthday. We had a beautiful time together.

Also, in the evening we went out to have ice cream in the village. It was a lovely and sunny day. “How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity.” (Psalm. 133,1)

Andrea Chacón Carmona, Novice NDS
Community St. John in Montana
August 17th, 2016