Bethsaida to Tabgah

The goal of the day: To have the feeling of walking with Jesus and his disciples.
We walked about 12 or 15 km. Three times we stopped on the way.
The first time we learned a song with “our Darlene”, our singing teacher: “Open our eyes Lord”.
The second stop was for our lunch, followed by Arab Coffee specially made by Darlene and Victoria. Guess what our dessert was? A 1 NIS popsicle for 5 NIS!
For our third stop we looked for a good spot for prayer. We found the perfect place: large stones in a circle under a big tree. We prayed with Mark 8: 22-26 “The healing of the blind man”.
These experiences have given us a background, so that when we read the gospel we are able to feel and understand better what Jesus did and lived with his disciples. At the end of our day we spent an hour at the lake.
For me it was really great to walk like Jesus and his disciples walked. Really I enjoyed walking and the reflection. It was great to have this opportunity. Thanks be to God and our Congregation for this great opportunity. And a big thanks to our leader Sr. Juliana for this whole week.

written by Victoria