Apostolic Experience at Ein Karem

“It is easy to carry Jesus in the chest;
the hard part is having chest courage to follow Jesus”. says Pedro Casaldáliga
It is time to be in my own sandals and to continue proclaiming God’s word through my wonderful experience in Ein Karem Community.
What can I proclaim after this year of learning and deepening my inner source?
We, the Sisters of Sion, Contemplative and Apostolic, the Brothers of Sion and the Associates, welcome the people from different parts of the world and especially the local ones from Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod, etc. People who want to appreciate the peacefulness and the great scenery of our home, the guest house. 154 years ago one of our founders opened our first house. We began this ministry then and we are still going on with it. It is through this unique experience that I can make God’s love keep burning through the hospitality, the warmth welcome and especially the respect of different cultures and religions. I am also able to integrate myself well into the simplicity of life as Sister of Sion.
When I moved to the community, I experienced a very warm and deep welcome. It is not just to cross the garden and to transfer from one house to the other. It is to be part of my new community. I remember the day when Sr. Phil came to the novitiate house and drove us: Arlyne and I (Clara) in the car to go around the village. Then, the sisters: Emy, Anne Catherine and Renata were waiting for us at the entrance gate. It was special and meaningful.
After that we had a wonderful prayer, reflecting on Ps. 91, Mc. 9:20-22, the songs: “Lord when you come to the seashore” and “Here I am Lord”, to end with the blessing from Gn. 28: 13.15 “I, the Lord, I am with you; I will protect you wherever you go, and bring you back to this land. I will never leave you until I have done what I promised you.” Then we shared a delicious supper.
God is constantly giving me the gift of joy and happiness, and it is up to me to make each minute meaningful if I am open to the grace of God and respond to it faithfully.
I do not understand that a daughter of Sion is not pretty,
because the beauty of the daughter of Sion is based on piety and joy. Fr. Theodore Ratisbonne
Written by María Clara Septemebr 2015