An inspiration to address the need of others.

Joy is much visible to everyone´s face, one of the highlight experienced that we had last week was seeing Sr. Collete´s reaction upon recieving her first Apple Air tablet. Our community decided to have a surprise gift for her so that she may be able to contact her family and the Sisters across the world through email and skype. Her eagerness to learn and her memory to remember how to use the tablet gave happiness to our community and also an inspiration to address the need of others.

On that same day we also bought our shoes/sandals as a symbol of our apostolic year. A big thanks for this wonderful gifts from the Congregation and for all your unending support in many ways! Last Tuesday together we celebrate the St. Patrick feast day with the Apostolic Sisters and Brothers. The celebration was prepared by Sr. Phil and Sr. Collete, our night ended with an Irish coffee.

The other day we went to the Holy Sepulchre for our overnight prayer vigil, what a memorable experienced! While waiting their opening time at 10:30 P.M, we went to Ecce Homo community, we ate our picnic and watched a nice movie entitled the Scarlet and the black prepared by Sr. Rita.
Inside the Holy Sepulchre we saw different kinds of people, different religion and doctrine but there is only one thing I am sure of that we believed in One God, our Savior Jesus Christ.
We had a fruitful week, we were also working in our vegetables and flower garden and we made lemon juice.