A week of ecumenically integrating

A week of ecumenically integrating with the culture and religious tradition of others
Last Sunday we had Filipino visitors who are member of the high Anglican Church. They are women priestesses who are staying in Bethlehem for ecumenical assistance for Israeli and Palestinians EAPPI.
On Monday we start our week with wonderful Mass especially for Mary’s feast in two languages (Hebrew and French) then the homily by Sr. Anne in English, was very good. Then in the afternoon we had class with Sr. Anne she taught us how to make Necklace using the verses from the Torah, Neveim and Ketuvim.
On Tuesday we had good session with Sr. Maureen in the morning about the Characteristics of Psycho- sexual Integration.
Then on Wednesday we continue our session about the different feast of the Jewish people. We had learned their names and how they are celebrated.
We had visitors on Thursday from Elijah Interfaith Group. Our visitors are Jewish but working on interfaith dialogue. They are working with different Religious Leader. They shared to us how can we  be part of helping them promoting peace and dialogue through social media.
Friday is our new schedule for weekly shopping. Sr. Trudy joined us today for lunch we had a very good meal (Fish with salad and each one of had a big Mango). We end our day by watching a lovely movie.
Shabbat Shalom, Happy Birthday Sr. Ivone and Happy Entry to Sunday! September 13 is Sr. Ivone’s first birthday here in Jerusalem. Sr. Juliana made a cake for Sr. Ivone’s special day.
Sunday we had our lunch outside in the New City to celebrate Sr. Ivone’s birthday. Then we had very nice Ice cream together for our desert. Afterwards we bought bed covers. And then we went to the service of King of Kings Jerusalem Community (known as the Messianic Jews). The service was wonderful with a lot of singing. We end our day by attending mass at Kehilla Hebrew Speaking Community. It was a week of trying to integrate in the culture and tradition of the land.

written by Victoria