Day: 26. January 2019

Marys appearance to Alphonse Ratisbonne

Learning and Celebration

We began our second week on the psalms course with a wonderful trip to Galilee. Each one with different expectations, but I’m sure everyone was ready for God to surprise them. Following in the footsteps of Jesus at important moments in his teaching to his disciples, we also internalized in some way what this Fifth Gospel, the Holy Land, was revealing to us through all these places. We visited Caesarea, Nazareth, Tabgha, and Capernaum among many other places; a very deep moment was to be able to say our prayer on a boat in the Sea of Galilee. When we closed our eyes It was like being transported to the time of Jesus and his followers. It was also interesting to hear the short talk about the Jewish Kabala, as it is present in many forms in everyday life and in some way connects us all, regardless of religion or belief. January 20th – Anniversary of the Apparition of Mary to Alphonse Ratisbonne At the beginning of an emotional and festive celebration, our Bishop, Piere …