Day: 5. May 2017

Sr. Alejandra’s Juniorate’s report

This is a very brief account from numbers of points of view. I am Sister Alejandra from Guatemala. I made my Novitiate in Jerusalem and after my first vows I came back to Central America. Currently, I live in Nicaragua with Sr. Ana Maria who has been serving the Poor in Nicaragua for more than twentyfive years. Now I have been in the Barrio, “El Recreo” for more than one year. I share the ministry of our Sisters of Sion in “Generando Vida” who have been there since 1990. Our new mission at the time was to live there and to be good neighbors while at the same time teaching at the Jesuit University, LA UCA. Originally, this Congregation of nuns arrived in the Barrio “El Recreo” and realized that the people, mostly children, suffered from malnutrition. The sisters and volunteers began with the problem of malnutrition among those children. Little by little with an increase in numbers they created a comedor a Soup kitchen.