Day: 29. April 2017

Our arrival in Linz

Maria and Andrea arrived in Austria. We had a warm welcome by Andreas and Barbara. We had an opportunity to visit Fr. Werner’s collection of music instruments and sang some songs which where recorded for his video project about his work as a musician. Fr. Werner interviewed us about the charism and the work of the sisters. Then we were invited for lunch in his community with a delicious typical Austrian sweet dish as main course („rice of love“ – „Reisauflauf“).  

Maria & Andrea on stage

„Cuanto gozo me dio al oir: vamos a la casa de Dios!“ „I was glad when they said to me, Let us go into the house of the Lord!“ Religious Song about holy Communion and Holiness Life written by Fr. Werner Hebeisen SJ; sung by Andrea and Maria, novices of Notre Dame de Sion; in Linz An Indonesian religious song about Gratefulness of the richness and beauty of land and creature. Refrain: „All of this because of the gift of almighty God”