Day: 17. October 2014

Pilgrimage to Galilee

Our awaited day has come! Excitement is much noticeable to everyone´s face to step on the historical sites and to walk the trail of Jesus in Galilee. One month ago we started our preparation like walking around Ein Karem and that led us to discovery; to some places that is new to us and testing our endurance in walking beyond our capacity. Last week we went to the shopping center to buy our food good for one week. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the congregation for supporting our different activities for helping us to grow day by day according to our Sion´s spirituality and charism. At the same week we also celebrated Sukkoth and visited their Sukka here at Ein karem and indeed it was so enriching experienced to be able to touch, feel and see how it looks like. They also gave us some input and we had the opportunity to asked questions to the Family we where welcomed by. Written by Joey