Month: February 2014

We beginn to walk

Visiting Mount of Olive

After our good night sleep we had breakfast and then walked up Mount of Olive. We read the letter of Father Theodores first visit to Jerusalem in Book Nm. 5 page 70 he writes: “ after an absence of 15 centuries, I have at last returned to my country. But what changes! In Jerusalem, everything impresses me, everything, moves me, I have had not the courage to go to the holy places: I feel no need to see, on the contrary I need to close my eys, and when I keep them closed, I see better than when I open them and look around me. In the Patriarchate I have Fr. Marys room. When I open the windows, I have before me the Tower of David (Turris Davidica), which remains unshakable on its base at the foot of Mount Sion.” The Church “Dominus Flevit” commemorates the Lord’s weeping over Jerusalem. “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often have I desired to gather your children …

We welcome Arlyne and Joey

Our morning activity in the International Novitiate of Jerusalem, is getting up at  1 a.m, in order to take a Nesher Taxi to the Airport of Ben Gurion and welcome our Sisters coming from the Philippines this morning. Now we are complete, thank you God!  

Book presentation

On the way, to the Bookstore of Steimatzky in  Mamila shopping street, where the book presentation,  the life story of Sr. Regine Canetti “Sister of Sion” is happening. The book was written by Ruth Danon and is now on sale.

Hebrew lession

Hebrew lesson with Sr. Michele.  Shalom is the Word which she used for teaching us the first letters of the Hebrew Alphabet . “Shalom” The letter shin stands for fire. The letter lamed stands for learning, study and teaching. The letter mem stands for water. As fire and water are eternal enemies so is the letter lamed which stands for learning, study and teaching, and also the letter for knowledge by heart (Lev), the one who brings together two opposites, two enemies, water and fire and makes peace between them.

Hebrew speaking Community

On the way to the evening mass in the Kehila, the Hebrew speaking community, we bought some material for decoration of our prayer corner and had a cappuccinooooooooooo together before celebrating  Eucharist and meeting friends. Read this article in French:

Oh my God!

Oh my God! Climbing trees and picking grapefruits for our new fruit presser was our morning engagement. In the afternoon we engaged ourselves in serious sharing of our weekly schedule which we will begin living next week. We ended our day with the “Entering into Sunday” together with the sisters in the Ein Karem community, the Brothers of Sion and Associates of Sion. Our reading in the book “Foundations and Last years” we liked the saying of Theodore on October 25, 1858, page 64 “Our Father made the siesta mandatory and said that we could eat between meals if necessary”.